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Suicide doesn't take away the Pain..it gives it to someone else!! Suicide is a major public health concern. Knowing the warning signs for suicide and how to get help can help save lives. We will help you through our Suicide Prevention Program and counseling techniques.

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PRESS CONFERENCE @ Pune on "Suicide free India" July 2018 - Dinmaan News

PRESS CONFERENCE @ Pune on "Suicide free India" July 2018- C 24 Taas


Prevent Suicide

Suicide is complicated and tragic but it is often preventable.
Here are some Facts & Findings:

Founder Profile

Dr.Satyendra Shukla is the founder of LAMA FERA INTERNATIONAL India’s Biggest & first ISO certified Lamafera Healing Research & Training Centre. For details, Visit : www.lamafera.com
He is the Managing Director of Sumeru Infosystem, web based software company since 2006. For details, Visit : www.sumeruinfosystem.com
He is a pioneer of Suicide Free India Movement which works on bringing people out of Negative Suicidal Thoughts. For more details visit: Suicide Free India.

He has trained and healed 3000+ people across India through Life Transformation Workshop– THE MIRACLES OF HEALING; which also includes corporate such as– Venkys Group, Pawar Public School, DY Patil Engineering colleges, MIT–Pune, MET–Mumbai, Zensar, Bajaj Allianz, Varroc Engineering etc.
He is also the author of Self Help Motivational Books - Journey from Signature to Autograph and The Miracles of Chakras.
He has won the Lama Fera Spiritual & Holistic Wellness Award twice i.e. in 2017 & 2018.



About 800,000 people commit suicide worldwide every year,of these 135,000 (17%) are residents of India.

80% of the suicide victims were literate.

Males suicide rate is twice that of females.

Every one hour one student commits suicide in India.

India has world's  highest suicide rate for youth between 15 to 29 age.

Suicide rate : 15 per hour ( India ) ...and 1 suicide per 40 second ( global level )

Poisoning (33%), hanging (26%) and self-immolation (9%) were the primary methods used to commit suicide.

Do You Know


Do You Know


Source: National Crime Records Bureau

SUICIDAL THOUGHT treatment includes:

Psychotherapy : In psychotherapy, also called psychological counseling or talk therapy, you explore the issues that make you feel suicidal and learn skills to help manage emotions more effectively. You and your therapist can work together to develop a treatment plan and goals.

Medications : Antidepressants, antipsychotic medications, anti-anxiety medications and other medications for mental illness can help reduce symptoms, which can help you feel less suicidal.

Addiction treatment : Treatment for drug or alcohol addiction can include detoxification, addiction treatment programs and self-help group meetings.

Family support and education : Your loved ones can be both a source of support and conflict. Involving them in treatment can help them understand what you're going through, give them better coping skills, and improve family communication and relationships.